Hello!IMG00625-20131203-1534  welcome to my second blog. Thank you for taking time to visit this space. My name is Mabel  a  Zimbabwean currently living in the United Kingdom. This blog is going to focus on  an  event which turned my life upside down – a relationship breakdown. It has taken me a good ten years to getnto a place where I am able to talk about this life changing event without bitterness.

What I want to do  and hope to achieve  by this blog is to show that set backs in life of whatever shape or form do not stop one to rebuild a shuttered life. My experience has taught me that life’s set backs can only be a springboard of great things. In this blog I will be sharing my experiences of heartbreak, betrayal, loneliness and the joy I felt as I reinvented myself after the breakdown of my marriage.
At first I was all over the place not knowing what to do next as I found my self single, jobless, homeless, and a confused woman who had been happily married and succeeding as a professional.

I did manage to pick up the pieces of what was left of my life and used the set back to reinvent myself  and now am at a very happy place. I am hoping that by sharing my story someone who may have gone or is going through a marriage break up may  know that life has not come to an end but that it is a beginning of something new and very exciting.


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