Re-inventing myself

As I had settled in my job and felt I had done well as far as career was concerned, and had settled in married life it felt like I had achieved what I had set myself to do with my life. My time was taken by making sure the family life was enhanced and improving where improvement was needed career wise telling myself I will continue to do this until retirement. However when the marriage came to an end I found myself having to think of ways to reinventing myself.

Like I mentioned in my last blog I pursued some of the options I had as far as moving my life on. Arriving at Luther King House to begin further studies was the start of the re-inventing process. During the orientation day as new students we were introduced to schedules of the course I suddenly realised how computers skills were going to be needed, a new world of learning was just beginning. Up until now my only use of computers was to send and receive e-mails in my own home country computers had just begun to be used more and more not to the degree they were used here. If I had to surf the internet it was just like a hobby yet here I was needing to rely on the internet for researching for my degree program.

To begin with it was a big challenge I told myself I was going to give of my best if I was going to achieve the new goals I had set myself as I was picking up the pieces of my broken life. Going back to studying as a mature student as I discovered has its advantage, I realized I was very focused as opposed to what I was when I went to college as a young person. There was an inherent motivation this time round to do the best I could.

At the end of the first semester I could not believe the transformation which was going on in me as a person the more I threw myself into course the more I enjoyed everything, I stopped concentrating on what had happened to me but focused on the new experiences and opportunities which were presenting themselves to me suddenly there was excitement again in my life which I was cherishing a lot. I was now on the road to start a new life cycle and nothing was going to deter me from that goal.


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