In my last post I talked about how I had reinvented my self by gong back to college



This photograph shows my achievement after my marriage had ended this photograph is a testimony that there is nothing which is beyond reach. I worked hard to enhance my confidence which had been undermined by the break up I am now back to my normal self again confidence regained and have become the most capable person I was before getting married what I have achieved is beyond my wildest dreams.

I now believe in myself again  this achievement means I  am now able to plan to do to what was the love of my life, organizing and conducting training workshops and conferences. Since I am no longer doing this as my day job I plan to use those skills  to focus on organizing and leading retreats as a free lance professional. The other thing that has emerged as a result of getting my confidence  back is to take on speaking engagements presenting paers on subjects I am passionate about. Three years ago I was invited to be a personal tutor at Luther King House Open College this has given me an opportunity to discover other options I can pursue.

The major responsibility I had in my previous job was being the head of the training department of The Methodist Church in Zimbabwe, now a new area of pecialisation has emerged as a result of the new training which I have under gone. My current employment as a pastoral worker  in Sale circuit of the British Methodist church enables me to walk alongside people in their faith journeys a very humbling experience I am privileged to have. I now can see these other possibilities of offering  myself  to the service of others  without the  constraints of marriage.

Now and then I do have a nagging feeling of wishing I had someone special to share my life with,  however this is no longer an issue as I find fulfillment in the various things  I am involved in. To be honest the end of my marriage has now freed me to do things I had never thought I  would do. A reason which motivated me to write this blog to share how bad experiences can lead to something special.