Replacing what was lost

Any relationship breakdown is a loss of many things. A marriage breakdown means first a loss of someone you shared the most personal life issues with.   A companion to do things with e.g. going out for meals, it is always nice to be with some one. Holidays are most enjoyable when you go with another person to just mention a few things that are lost when a relationship comes to an end.

The first thing I  did when my marriage ended was to work out ways of replacing what I had lost. In one of the post I mentioned going back to college, once I had completed my studies I then decided to blog which does gives me something I am always looking forward to doing everyday. Alongside my blogging is walking and I as I walk I carry my smartphone for taking photographs. I now realise that I have developed a skill of noticing things which before I never used to do. The world around us has so many beautiful and telling things  to perceive when we look intently which has come because I  am on my own most of the time.

Having attended a training programme on leading quiet days I  am now thinking and planning different quiet days. I  have managed to lead one  succesful  quiet day for people who wanted to declutter their minds before the beginning of the advent  season and be ready for christmas.

I feel it is important  for those whose marriages have ended to acknowledge and accept what hast been lost and work out ways of replacing all that lost as a result of a broken relationship. Replacing those things lost is one step of moving on with life.